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BBQ Sauces

  • $ 1595

Pine Ridge: You can use the barbecue and dipping sauces for a variety of applications! Try them on meat as your favorite marinade, barbecue glaze, or simply dip your chips and veggies in it! 

Huckleberry BBQ: What a special recipe! This is a sweet, mildly spicy BBQ Sauce with a fruity huckleberry addition. Works like a traditional BBQ Sauce on the grill or as marinade. Everyone will want your secret. 

Huckleberry Ale BBQ: Made with Brown Ale Beer, this BBQ sauce is the perfect ingredient for a great BBQ experience. 

Not Made in China: Here’s a different sauce born in the USA! Splash on steaks, burgers, game, bacon-wrapped scallops, chopped or pulled pork. Use as a steak sauce or marinade too! 

Roasted Garlic and Rum: This tangy BBQ sauce brings your taste buds to life!  

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