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Staff Recipes

A culmination of recipes from our dedicated staff using anything and everything in the store!


Summer Sausage:

  • The Buffalo Jalapeno & Cheese is very good cut up in your scrambled eggs for breakfast! - Sandy
  • Using Sweet Buffalo with Zap's Applewood Smoked Gouda, any of the pickles and stuffed olives on a charcutier board, are my all-time favorites! - Ashleigh

Scone Mixes:

  • The Cranberry Scone mix is great when paired with the Cranberry Relish as a topping. Also substitute for Chokecherry Jelly as a topping. - Dorie

Muffin Mix:

  • When making the Huckleberry Muffin Mix, I like to add in cinnamon to bring out the flavor. I also will bake it in a loaf pan and have slices instead of muffins. - Ashleigh