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Grilling/Chipotle Sauces

  • $ 1095

Chipotle Sauces: These award-winning sauces combine the smoky spice of chipotle peppers with the sweetness of raspberries or mango and the richness of bacon making this the perfect addition to Salmon, Chicken or Pork Tenderloin. Also, delicious poured over cream cheese or warm Brie as an appetizer. Flavor varieties include raspberry, mango and bacon. 

Johnny Midnight: These award-winning sauces are not only great because they are made in Wyoming, but also because they are delicious! Each one provides a unique flavor experience whether it be as a dipping sauce, grilling sauce, or even mixed into a dip! Flavor varieties include madness, prairie fire, black peppercorn, and coyote catsup. 

Outlaw Trail: A spicy and tangy sauce that will give a kick to any steak! Also great on seafood such as shrimp. 

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