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Children's Books

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Purple Smile: Have you ever seen a bear with a purple smile? The woods are full of them during huckleberry season. You just have to know where to look. How does a bear get a purple smile? From eating sweet, juicy huckleberries found in secret patches throughout the woods! In this charming rhyming tale, hop through the woods with a family of bunnies on the hunt for a bear wearing a purple smile. Beautiful and vibrant watercolor illustrations by Kadie Zimmerman fill the pages of this delightful children's story by Laura Budds. 

Jackalope Guide: Species and fun facts of the elusive, otherworldly, and beautiful Jackalope. These words—and many more—can be used to describe one of North America’s most enigmatic creatures: the jackalope. The purpose of this field guide is to provide the reader with a "scientifically accurate” description of the jackalope, its habits and habitats, as well as the history of the species and its North American subspecies. Popular jackalope myths will also be examined to gain further understanding of jackalope behavior. We hope you find this guide an indispensable introduction to the fascinating world of the jackalope!

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