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Cold Drink Mixes

  • $ 995

Sweet Tea: This sweet tea is the perfect drink for hot summer days and is easy to make. Flavor varieties include huckleberry and prickly pear. 

Liquid Drink Mix: Like classic margaritas or daiquiris? Then these will amaze your taste buds. Give your drink a sweet flavor and a wild taste. Flavor varieties include chokecherry margarita, chokecherry daiquiri and huckleberry daiquiri. 

Huckleberry Powdered Drink Mix: Wild Huckleberry flavored and turns purple when you add water! Delicious & FUN! It's Five O'Clock somewhere. Flavor varieties include margarita, daiquiri, and lemonade. 

Cocktail Kits: these Cody-made kits each include a 4oz shrub/mixer, rim salt, and dehydrated citrus slices. These mixers are naturally sugar free, and each package has 4 servings. Recipes for both cocktails and mocktails are listed on the back. 

Pricklee Cactus Water (12oz): This naturally-flavored water is noncarbonated and has a light apple/pear flavor. It's filled with antioxidants and electrolytes and is caffeine and gluten-free! It also contains 50% less sugar and calories than coconut water.