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Nougat: Enjoy these delicious caramels with Wild Huckleberry nougat centers. So scrumptious they melt in your mouth. 

Cowpie: Who says gourmet chocolates can't be fun?! Fresh pecans are covered with caramel before being smothered in rich milk chocolate. 

Chocolate River Rocks: Chocolate River Rocks are a Northwest Specialty created for the Chocolate Lover, using the shapes and colors of river rock found in the majestic rivers of the Rocky Mountains. 

Chocolate Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seed kernels surrounded in milk chocolate in a cute bear container. 

Huckleberry Gummy Grizzlies: This fun take on a classic treat is well worth it!

Huckleberry Mints: A delightful combination of huckleberry and mint that sends your tastebuds soaring. 

Huckleberry Candy Stick: A long loved favorite of all ages! 

Huckleberry Twists: Another family favorite hard candy! 

Buffalo Nuts: These honey roasted peanuts are a sweet and salty treat. 

Buffalo Balls: Malted milk balls covered in creamy milk chocolate. 

Buffalo Chips: Oreos covered in rich, dark chocolate.

Deer Doodles: Milk chocolate covered peanuts.

Elk Duds: Milk chocolate covered caramels.

Moose Fritters: Milk chocolate covered peanut clusters.

Jellybeans: These jelly beans are packed with delicious berry flavors!

Licorice Whips: The finest ingredients were selected to create the distinctive full flavor and creamy smooth texture of the licorice. Flavor varieties include huckleberry and prickly pear. 

Huckleberry Cordials: these come in three varieties of chocolate flavors and are similar to a chocolate-covered cherry.

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